Site's rules  (updated: 2002-02-10) 

  1. Definitions
    1. Member Access: Access to sections restricted to members.
    2. Provider: The person or organisation providing this service.
    3. I: The pronoum "I" stands for you in your quality of user or member of this service.
    4. Member: Any person or organisation registered with this site.
    5. Public pages: Pages accessible by all users.
    6. Service: Stands for this web site as a tool to create a global family tree.
    7. User: Any person or organisation accessing this service via internet.

  2. General
    1. As a user, I agree that this service is provided as-is on a free basis and that no warranty whatsoever is provided regarding the quality or availability of the service.
    2. I also agree to save the provider harmless of any issue arising from the information provided on this site. The provider offers the container, the content being the responsibility of the members.
    3. Informations displayed on this site are public. However, the source code, the architecture and the graphics fall under the copyright law. Any reproduction in part or in whole is prohibited without Dave Turcotte's consent.

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